Do you have a recovery plan?

Does your business have a recovery plan if you were to get hit by a Cyber Security Attack?

If any business today wants to survive in the digital age, you have to have a recovery plan, and a simple piece of paper will not cut it.

Do your staff even know what an attack looks like and what they should do they are victims of an attack?

Today’s attacks are so sophisticated that it is sometimes almost impossible to distinguish them from the real thing in many instances.

Here are some critical questions to ask when planning a recovery plan:
1) Does my insurance cover me if we have a cybersecurity attack and don’t have a Cyber Security Plan?
2) Does my business insurance cover losses from a cybersecurity attack?
3) Do my staff know what an attack looks like, and do they have the confidence to let management know?
4) Do we know how much data we would lose in a cybersecurity attack?
5) Do we know what our mandatory reporting requirements are surrounding a cybersecurity attack?
6) Do we have a backup system that can operate while we recover?
7) Do we have critical contacts for all our systems to initiate a disaster recovery?
8) Do we know how long it will take us to recover from a total shutdown?
9) Do we know how much recovery will cost us both in direct and indirect costs?

Cyber Security Plans are not a set-and-forget activity. Instead, they are a working document that evolves as risks increase and your business matures.

At Orana Software, we can assist your business in drawing up these plans, and we have written software that runs on our secure platform to help you plan and manage this now and into the future.