We see many businesses with the basics in place regarding firewalls, anti-virus, and the like. However, the concerning trend is that there is no plan to prepare for a cyber attack.

A cyber attack could be as simple as receiving Malware to a full-scale attack as we saw recently in the United States, where an entire pipeline shut down.

What is your plan?

If your entire business lost access to your software for seven days, would you even survive?

Ask yourself this:
How would your customers contact you?
What systems would you rely on to get orders, etc?
How would you recover your data?
Do you have the expertise to recover?
How much will this cost you?

These are all critical questions that need to get asked in the quest to getting prepared.

When you ask many businesses how much risk they are willing to take in data and application security, typically, they say 0%. The converse of this means they want it to be a 100% risk-free solution.

Unfortunately, the reality is that this is not achievable.

Time for a reality check!

Microsoft currently spends over US$1Billion a year on their security infrastructure and is still not close to a 100% risk-free environment. So what chance do you have of achieving this?

Your best and most affordable solution is preparing a Cyber Security Risk Plan. At a high level, it generally involves the following steps:-
1) Identifying your current environment and where all your data is residing;
2) Creating a risk analysis and what you can afford to lose;
3) Creating a plan to follow is you come under a Cyber Attack;
4) How do you recover from a Cyber Attack;

Cyber Security Plans are not a set-and-forget activity. Instead, they are a working document that evolves as risks increase and your business matures.

At Orana Software, we can assist your business in drawing up these plans, and we have written software that runs on our secure platform to help you plan and manage this now and into the future.