Asset Management

Managing your business assets just got a lot easier

Improve the managing of your assets

Assets are not a particularly exciting part of your business. However, they are critical for your ability to run your business. They are second only to your people in terms of importance.

Our asset management software makes it easy to order assets and bulk receive them into the asset register. Our depreciation calculations are flexible, and the best part is you can track their usage against your people.

The complete package

Our asset management software is a powerful, easy-to-use SaaS product designed to simplify your business asset management.

Depreciation Calculations

We cater to all types of depreciation calculations, with unlimited depreciation calculations per asset.


Condition Tracking

Track your assets’ condition and assess their suitability for the role they need to play in your business.

Master/Sub Assets

Create master assets made up of other assets. For example, a computer is made up of a PC, a keyboard, and a monitor.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our comprehensive set of standard reports give you all the data you need.

And our report guarantee means if there is something you cannot get printed, we will create a new report for you within two weeks.

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