Custom Software Development

Sometimes the box just does not fit. With Orana Custom Software Development, we can not only provide you with our great SaaS solutions, but we can also extend our platform to incorporate your unique requirements.

Tailored Software Development

Not every business is the same, and sometimes you need to create a solution specific to your business requirements.

At Orana Software, this is not a problem. We can build custom solutions directly into our SaaS platform with our strategic alliance with Think Digitally, meaning you retain all the security, data sovereignty benefits, and single sign-on features we have already built.

It also means you will probably be up and running a lot quicker than you think!

Get started by getting a business blueprint. A blueprint creates a risk-free environment on understanding what you need and allows us to establish what it takes to deliver it.

It is next to impossible to provide an accurate estimate without going through this process, so don’t get fooled!

Some of our unique benefits

Not all companies are the same, and we strive to excel above all others. Please take a look at our differences.


Business Blueprint

Get a business blueprint done at a fixed cost before any work commences. A blueprint lays out the requirements and locks in cost estimates.

Dedicated Business Analyst

You will have a dedicated business analyst create the workflow functions and processes based on your requirements. Depending on the work, this may also involve screen mockups.

Dedicated Onsite Team Leader

We have a dedicated team leader onsite for the duration of the project. The team leader is wholly responsible for the project and will ensure all development gets done as per the specifications.


Integrated Platform

Using the Orana Workflow platform, we document the entire process in one place, and all development and testing take place here as well.

We use this process to ensure you get what is required.

Project Management

Depending on the project’s size, there will be weekly or fortnightly project meetings to discuss progress, highlight any setbacks, and track development.

During these sessions, timeframes will get assessed against the timelines and any scope creep addressed.

Quality Control

Our integrated development platform means we can start testing earlier than most other companies.

By starting early and addressing problems early, means a far better outcome for you, our customer.

Customer Satisfaction

At Orana Software, we strive to not only get new customers but to retain them indefinitely.

Our focus is on forming a partnership with our customers, whereby they can rely on us to look after them and grow with them. Software is not a set and forgets an item, it is a rapidly changing environment, and you need a partner who can change with it. Orana Software is that company.

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