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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answer to some of the most frequently asked questions we get.

Is your SaaS platform 100% secure

No computer system can be 100% secure and still be usable. We have to balance security vs. performance. Our platform is exceptionally secure and is backed by Microsoft, the leader in business security.

How do you ensure our data is not compromised?

We operate on Microsoft Azure with double layers of protection. By using this approach, it ensures that we can never expose data directly to the internet.

Do you provide reference sites?

No, at Orana Software, security is paramount. Just as we don’t publicize our customers, we will not reveal customer details to any prospects. We believe our software is good enough to sell itself, and protecting our customers’ privacy ensures we are protecting yours.

Can you cater for data sovereignty requirement?

Yes, when we setup your environment you can select which country you want to store your data in.

Can I have my own database independant of other businesses?

Yes, however, there are additional costs. At the time of signup, we can set you up with your sovereign database, and you will also receive your secure access to this.

Do you backup the data daily?

All data is continuously backed up and replicated in real-time across data centers. We have data fallback and redundancy servers in place.

Can you create custom software on your platform?

Yes, we designed our platform to allow us to create a SaaS solution just for you. This approach’s beauty is the need for data integration is significantly reduced as our standard platform handles most of this.