People HR

Because business is about People.

Improve People Management and  Communication

The most important asset a company has is its people. Our People HR allows you to easily manage your people, whether they are employees or contractors, track their leave, secure their documents, and keep track of training.

Our solution keeps it simple, with the power to grow if you need to.

Collect Critical Data

Collect all critical data against all your people, knowing that every change is tracked and is fully reportable.

We can easily integrate with compatible payroll solutions to ensure you are kept entirely up to date, and with our unique point in time feature know your data is entirely in sync 24/7/365.

Features and Functionality

Our key features and functionality are listed below. With our customer-driven innovation approach, our software features are growing monthly.

People Management

Store and maintain your people in one database. Our People HR forms the core of our platform and is automatically shared across all modules.


Document Management

Against each person, you can group and store documents. Each document has security permissions, ensuring only the right people see what they should.

Payroll Information

Store everything you need to keep your in-house payroll up to date. From payroll to working patterns, we keep it all.


Point In Time

View your people historically at any point in time. Need to know your headcount at 1 July last year, no problem!

Leave Management

Store an unlimited number of leave records and get regular updates from your payroll software with accruals and balances.

Training Management

Keep track of training records, create training courses and monitor outcomes.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our comprehensive set of standard reports give you all the data you need. And our report guarantee means if there is something you cannot get printed, we will create a new report at no cost.

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