Process Management

A process management solution that is easy to use. As a full SaaS product, it allows you to easily create and manage tasks across your business.

Team Collaboration

Ever wanted to achieve object oriented documentation in an easy to use SaaS platform with clear accountability?

Well dream no more, the Process by Orana is a collaborative tool to bring four distinct processes into one easy to use interface.

It is so successful, we have been using it ourselves for over five years. Designed and speadheaded by our own team, it is a fantastic tool for anyone trying to run a process from start to end.

Process by Orana provides a collaborative mechanism to capture anything that can be described as a set of steps with conditional branching and reuse of steps within a process and other processes.

It brings together in one place specification, task, testing & issues documentation making your project management quicker, more comprehensive & structured all in the one database. And, shows in real time where your project is up to, what each team member has to achieve and what the real completion date is.

It is truly one tool to bind them all.

Thor Prohaska

Business Analyst, Orana Software Pty Ltd

Built To Solve Problems

Our process management solution allows you to define your key elements and codes in an easy to use interface.

Set up your tasks and assign them to anyone in your organization. Using the budgeted time against a task will automatically allow our predictive deadline data analysis to let you know when things are not tracking according to plan.

Quickly see the progress of projects, create test plans and reassign tasks as necessary.

The Only Tool You Need

It is truly one tool to bind them all.


Planning Management

Planning any project is time-consuming. At Orana, we make this easy. Start adding lines and expanding these over time.

Then you collaborate and let others extend the detail even more until you have a full delivery document.


Delivery Management

Current software means you have to take your planning document and enter it somewhere else to deliver the work. Not the case with Process by Orana.

Pass the project on, and they get the complete detail, including the first line entered—no more miscommunication.


Testing Management

Once delivery is complete, it all has to get checked and tested. Typically it is during this phase when the planning detail never makes it to the test department.

But at Orana Software, we are different. Assign the completed tasks to the testers, and they get visibility to the entire requirement specification.



How often do you get to the end of a project and realize the documentation is not where it needs to be. Imagine how easy it would be to repeat a project if you could copy the project and use it again.

With our software, the documentation can be taken and turn it into a new project.

Imagine the possibilities.

Try before you buy?

We are so convinced you will love our product, we will let you try before you buy. Not only do you get this offer, we will also take the time to configure the product to meet your exact requirements, get your first process going with you and guide you on your journey.

And it is all obligation free, if after 60 days you don’t think it is for you, simply let us know and there is nothing more to do.

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