Paperless Recruitment

It is time to go paperless. Recruitment should no longer be about using reams of paper and spending hours reading resumes or CV’s received via email. It is time to work smarter, not harder.

Introducing Orana Recruit, a new paperless applicant tracker software solution for your recruitment.

Save your business time and money with our SaaS platform that changes the way you recruit forever.

Our software can handle your recruitment needs, from a dedicated role to gig workers, temps and casual workers.

Create user defined templates for your roles

User Defined Templates

Create unlimited templates via our easy to use template builder for your available roles. Ask questions, set tests, upload documents, sign policies, and check suitability all in one easy to use solution.
Replace your reams of paper to easily get the job done.

Capture Role Applications

Use our recruitment solution to lead candidates through the process of collecting information from the templates.

With full validation built into the solution, easily prevent submission if critical criteria are not met, such as no visa or failing a test.

Make sure all documentation is submitted and any policies get signed off.

Display advertisement for the role on mainsteam job sites or even on LinkedIn.

Present your available jobs on any platform via our smart link

One Stop Applicant Tracking Software For All Business

The Orana Recruitment module is highly configurable, making it suitable for most industries and employment types.

It will work for gig worker, recruitment consultancy and corporate businesses alike.


Template Management

Create unlimited templates for the roles you fill within your business. These templates contain all the questions that you need to ask any potential candidate applying for a position.


Role Management

Advertise a role available, which may be for one position or one hundred. Include the advertisement on popular job sites or your website, with an easy-to-use Apply Now button prominently displayed.

Candidate Application

Candidates can complete the role application on any device, with real time saving and tracking. The interface is easy to use and intuitive for novice users to navigate easily.

Candidate Management

View the applicants progress from our office dashboard and get notified when a new application gets completed. View all applications in progress and the current status of those pending a determination.

People Management

Once a candidate is approved, easily feed them into our People HR and then onto anywhere they need to go. We integrate with the like of Tanda, Deputy, and Humanforce and integrate with any other solution that supports direct integrations.

Skills Matching

Setup and maintain comprehensive skills lists to enable future searching for suitable roles to fill vacant positions.

Onboarding the Candidate

Once you have collected the data, assessed the candidate’s suitability, and processed all reference checks, the time comes to decide whether this candidate is suitable for your business.

With a simple click of a button, the candidate is either accepted or rejected. Either way, the candidate gets a notification of your decision, so they know where they stand.

We also give you the ability to park the candidate for a more suitable role, so you do not have to go through the entire process again.

Onboard the candidate quickly and easily

Tailored package just for you

At Orana Software, we tailor our packages to meet your requirements. This simply means you pay a fixed monthly cost, which includes everything.

Help when you need it

At Orana Software, you are never on your own. We will always do our best to answer your questions and resolve any issues.

Our helpdesk operates within our platform, it is seamless and responds in realtime.

Pricing Model

To select the best plan to suit your business, simply select how many new hires you employ per annum.

Simple Terms
Cancel anytime on monthly plans
No credit card required to sign up
All plans include unlimited setup and support

More than 100 new hires per annum

You have more than 100 new hires per annum, no problem. We have a tailored solution for you!

Contact us and let us create an ideal solution to meet your business goals.

Save $$$

You can purchase upfront as well.

Buy 12 months upfront and only pay for 11. That is 1 month for free.
Buy 24 months upfront and only pay for 21. That is 3 months for free.

Upfront buyers get all features regardless of volume.

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