Platform Security

At Orana Software, we take security very seriously. It is at the core of everything we do. Our platform balances the need for security versus the need for performance.

However, security does not start with us. It begins with you!

As a business, you must have procedures and policies to deal with your internal security and the consequences of any failures. Our Workflow Process product is fantastic for this.

Security is about who can access the software and who has access to your premises, how passwords are stored, and what physical security you have to this information.

It is part of our DNA

At the core of everything we do at Orana, security takes center stage in every decision we make. No new technology or feature is introduced without going through an intensive security assessment first. It is front and center of everything we do. It is part of our DNA.

Is your platform 100% secure?

No system can be 100% secure and still be usable. We have to balance security vs performance.

Our platform is exceptionally secure and is backed by Microsoft, the leaders in business security.

Every aspect of our platform is assessed for any security risks before new technology or features are added.

Can I have my own database independant of other businesses?

Yes, however there are additional costs. At the time of signup we can set you up with your own database and you will also receive your own secure access to this.

If you opt for a separate database, you will also have direct access to the database, subject to checks and balances.

Do you backup the data daily?

All data is continuously backed up in real-time and is also replicated across data centers.

We have data fallback and redundancy servers in place.

Orana Technology Stack

At Orana, we firmly believe in security, reliability, and working with a standard representing our industry. We only use the Microsoft full development stack for our products. All our technology gets developed using .Net Core running on Microsoft Blazor technology. All our technology runs exclusively on the Microsoft Azure platform, and we make extensive use of the numerous advanced platform features this offers us.

Azure App Services

Azure App Services

Azure SQL

Azure SQL Services

Azure Visual Studio

Visual Studio .Net Core

Azure Software as a Service

Azure Software as a Service

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory

Azure Functions

Azure Functions

Azure Frontdoor

Azure Frontdoor

Azure Devops

Azure DevOps

Data Protection

Publically we do not reveal too much about our back-end infrastructure,  the less information hackers have, the safer it is.

It is sufficient to say that our platform is very secure. We give you our customer protection by using our shared data with data sovereignty protection or grab your own completely separate database. The choice is yours!