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By listening to our customers, we create intelligent SaaS solutions that drive your business. Our focus on customer-driven innovation means we listen to your needs in everything we do.

Our affordable SaaS platform gives you easy access to your business tools anytime and anywhere you can access the cloud.

Orana Software Offering

Orana Documents

Take your documents online with our real-time delivery solutions.

Traditional user-manual generation software and word processing software are not up to the task of providing real-time documents.

Take control and give your customers the information they need when they need it.

Orana Documents provides key solutions for software vendors, training companies and law firms, to name a few.

How Orana Documents Can Help You

  • We are a software house

    Then you already know the pain of keeping user help and guides up to date.

    Whether you develop cloud software or desktop software, you can easily incorporate our documents directly into your software and/or helpdesk.

    No more compiling, publishing or emailed.

    Get more happy clients, the easy way.

  • We provide training guides

    Training guides are large documents that can change as legislation and procedures change.

    By using Orana Documents, you can keep your training guides current at all times, and publish the new versions when you are ready.

    It simply could not be easier.

  • We are a law firm

    As a law firm, you know how many contracts you draw up.

    Imagine being able to simply share they latest version with your clients, without emailing.

    Now you can with Orana Documents.

  • We are none of these!

    That is a good thing, because the possibilities are endless with Orana Documents.

    Think about your company policies, your contracts and even your employee inductions.

    At Orana Documents, we can handle all this and much more. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Orana Custom Software

Fitting those round pegs through square holes.

In business, you sometimes cannot fit round pegs through square holes! Anyone who has ever been part of a custom software development project will know exactly what we are talking about!

At Orana, we understand this, and with over 25 years experience developing unique solutions for customers, we can help you.

Our built for purpose SaaS platform is designed from the ground up to provide our customers a head-start with any custom project, ensuring you focus on the project and not the infrastructure that supports it.

How Orana Custom Software Can Help You


Any commitment to a custom software project requires not only investment in terms of money, but an enormous amount of investment in terms of time and buy-in from your business.

We completely understand what is involved in developing software. We will spend a day, either remotely or in person, going through your requirements to ensure what you want to achieve is possible and realistically achievable in your timeframe and budget.

This day is entirely complementary and provides the ground work to ensure both parties understand the project requirements.