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Welcome to Orana Software

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Orana Software is a SaaS-based software development house based in Sydney, Australia. We service the Australian market and have local offices in the United States and South Africa.

As a business, we have one primary goal, to deliver software solutions that our customers want at a price they can afford. Our SaaS platform powers our commercial software and allows us to create unique and powerful SaaS solutions for our customers.

Our Orana Stay product is a digital guidebook designed for the hospitality sector, specifically targeting Boutique Hotels. Large accommodation providers such as the Hilton Group have the resources to do this in-house, and boutique hotels simply cannot complete at their level. We are helping level the playing field by creating affordable software to engage guests and earn hotels additional income through some smart technology.

Orana Stay

Orana Stay is your digital guidebook software and info resource for guests in the form of an app. It can be sent easily to all your visitors through a link and downloaded right onto their phone or tablet without having to visit an app store.

Orana Stay Digital Guidebook

Build your Brand

With Orana Stay you can build your brand. By working with the local community and promoting the area you will build a loyal brand following that will actually drive bookings, encourage networking and create new opportunities.

Create Your Digital Software Guide

Leave it to the experts, we create your first digital guide for you, all included in our low monthly costs. Once it is live you can maintain and copy it to match specific guests or events.


Orana Stay Digital Welcome Guide