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By listening to our customers, we create intelligent SaaS solutions that drive your business. Our focus on customer-driven innovation means we listen to your needs in everything we do.

Our affordable SaaS platform gives you easy access to your business tools anytime and anywhere you can access the cloud.

Orana SaaS Solutions

Introducing Orana Stay 2022

Digital Guest Welcome Guide for Hotel, Resort and Accommodation Providers

Made in Australia by Orana Software

Enhancing Your Guests’ Experience Right at Their Fingertips

As a hotel, resort or event venue, you’re always trying to find ways to improve every guest’s experience. When they enjoy their time with you, they tell others and come back.

Your Orana Stay app can contain practical information on everything your guests need, including facilities, schedules, menus, attractions, maps and events, to COVID safety information. This empowers your guests with all the answers they need to have the fantastic experience they deserve.

Orana Documents

Start sharing your digitized paper, and stop emailing files!

How many times have you tried to share documents with your co-workers or clients?

It pretty much always ends in some form of disaster.

Think about those large files that never arrive, the risk of viruses, and all those documents that end up in the junk folder.

File sharing is an even bigger nightmare, permissions, rights, and all the other complexities that come with it.

Separate the document users and viewers with Orana Documents.

Not only does this making sharing content straightforward, but it also protects you from ending up with multiple file versions, all containing different content.