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Introducing the Orana Recruitment Solution for your SME

A SME business has enough challenges without adding new software to the mix. Introducing the Orana Full Recruitment Solution for your business. Get our software completely FREE, together with our great recruiters to help you every step of the way, all at a fixed budget friendly cost.

Get SaaSy With Us

Need to make a move to SaaS, but don’t know where to start. Talk to the experts, talk to Orana and let us help you get going.

Data Sovereignty in the Cloud

Our cloud platform protects not only your data but also your sovereignty. Therefore, when you sign up for our SaaS Software, choose what country you want your data stored.


High Security Cloud Software

SaaS Software only works when it is secure. Our Central platform has class-leading security and smart application design.

We ensure maximum protection 24/7/365.

High Availability Cloud Software

We want to ensure the highest possible availability of our SaaS Software. Therefore, to achieve this, we run exclusively on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Microsoft Azure provides high availability and minimum latency, no matter where you are.

Orana Recruitment

Talent Acquisition and Applicant Tracking Software

It is time to get rid of paper, it is time to reclaim your time and it is time to save money.

Recruitment should be an efficient process that does not cost your business both time and money. Not to mention efficiency.

Is your talent acquisition solution still paper based? Are candidates emailing you their resumes?

Who is reading all these resumes, and can you remember the first candidate by the time you have read the twentieth resume!

Introducting Orana Recruit, a Talent Acquisition Solution designed to replace your paper, free up your time, and save you money. And yes, we also help YOU select the best candidates using our smart filter technology in our Applicant Tracking Solution.

Orana Software Recruitment Applicantion Form
Orana Asset Management

Orana Asset Management

Orana Asset Management software is a full asset management solution.

We offer common features like depreciation as standard. We also provide full condition tracking, maintenance schedules, and asset components.

Asset Management is due for release in mid-2021 on our SaaS Platform. Orana Asset Management will undoubtedly create a new benchmark in terms of cloud software.

Orana People

Orana People is an essential Human Resource (HR) software package for those with simple requirements.

It is a fully integrated application with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Track your leave balances, maintain documents, creating training courses and manage your staff with ease.

People HR by Orana
Workflow Management by Orana

Orana Process Management

Process by Orana provides a collaborative mechanism to capture anything that can be described as a set of steps with conditional branching and reusing steps within a process and other processes.

It brings together in one place specification, task, testing & issues documentation, making your project management quicker, more comprehensive & structured all in the one database. And shows in real-time where your project is up to, what each team member has to achieve and what the real completion date is.

It is genuinely one tool to bind them all.

Switching to SaaS does not have to be difficult.

Talk to the experts about moving to SaaS, slowly. We will guide you every step of the way while you make a move in your own time. Take comfort knowing everything gets included, no matter how long it takes.

Orana People Management
Orana Makes a Difference

Profit for a Purpose

At Orana Software, 10% of all our profits go to worthy charities as determined by the directors of Sky Software. In addition, a further 40% of our profits is reinvested into Orana Software to ensure our software maintains the high standards we set.

We are very selective about which charities we support. The majority of the funds must go to the purpose. Similarly, the charity must not partake in any discrimination.

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