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By listening to our customers, we create intelligent SaaS solutions that drive your business. Our focus on customer-driven innovation means we listen to your needs in everything we do.

Our affordable SaaS platform gives you easy access to your business tools anytime and anywhere you can access the cloud.

Orana SaaS Solutions

Orana Documents

Start sharing your digitized paper, and stop emailing files!

How many times have you tried to share documents with your co-workers or clients?

It pretty much always ends in some form of disaster.

Think about those large files that never arrive, the risk of viruses, and all those documents that end up in the junk folder.

File sharing is an even bigger nightmare, permissions, rights, and all the other complexities that come with it.

Separate the document users and viewers with Orana Documents.

Not only does this making sharing content straightforward, but it also protects you from ending up with multiple file versions, all containing different content.

8 Critical Facts You Should Know Before Sharing Document Files

Smart Businesses Are Sharing Content, Not Files

Get your FREE eBook on why businesses are sharing content and not files. Sharing files with co-workers and customers is risky, not only in terms of security but also in terms of efficiency.

As a business, you should separate the content writers from the content readers. This reduces risk dramatically.

Find out more by reading your FREE eBoook now.

Learn More About Our Labour-Hire Solution

Orana Recruiting Solutions

Designed for labour-hire/gig businesses.

Recruiting for your labour-hire business is challenging. Traditional advertising does not work. You rely on word of mouth and inquiries to build up your casual workforce.

At Orana Software, we understand this. We have built an excellent solution designed specifically for the labour-hire workforce. By using the now-familiar sight of QR Codes, you can advertise anywhere. Stick them at client sites, shop windows, or anywhere you can think it will catch attention.

It all starts by defining the roles your labour-hire business employs and setting up suitable forms to capture all information you require from a candidate to assess their suitability for the position. Forms can capture any information, including the skills necessary, health checks, and sophisticated assessment questions.

Orana Custom Solutions

Fitting those round pegs through square holes.

In business, you sometimes cannot fit round pegs through square holes! Anyone who has ever been part of a custom software development project will know exactly what we are talking about!

At Orana, we understand this, and with over 25 years experience developing unique solutions for customers, we can help you.

Our built for purpose SaaS platform is designed from the ground up to provide our customers a head-start with any custom project, ensuring you focus on the project and not the infrastructure that supports it.

How Orana Custom Solutions Can Help You


Any commitment to a custom software project requires not only investment in terms of money, but an enormous amount of investment in terms of time and buy-in from your business.

We completely understand what is involved in developing software. We will spend a day, either remotely or in person, going through your requirements to ensure what you want to achieve is possible and realistically achievable in your timeframe and budget.

This day is entirely complementary and provides the ground work to ensure both parties understand the project requirements.