Upgrade to personalized guest engagement with our digital concierge - more revenue, less time, unforgettable experiences.

A true SaaS platform for a digital world, especially focused on the needs of hoteliers.

Introducing Orana Stay Lite

Quick, easy and affordable DIY Digital Guest Guide for all sizes of accommodation providers. FREE 7-day trial after completion. Cancel anytime, valid credit card required.

Why Orana Software?

We are a highly motivated team who strive to achieve solutions for all our customers each and every day. Nothing gives us more pleasure than when our customers complement us on our solutions.

Our mission is to help hoteliers drive their guest experience through simple yet powerful backoffice software. Happy guests tell others and return themselves.

Hoteliers, drive your guest experience from the minute they book

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The guest experience at your Boutique Hotel starts with your staff, not the guest
Showcase your facilities before a guest even arrives with Orana Stay

A Strong, Fast- growing AirBnB or Boutique Hotel Business?

Guests can easily communicate with the front desk with Orana Software

A team that help you drive your guest experiences from booking and beyond

Upsell your guests with the tools from Orana Software

A path to securing strong guest loyalty, and solutions to help you achieve this.

Key Highlights


Using the leading edge technology provided by the business grade platforms of Microsoft, we have built a scalable and highly secure platform.

This ensures we can service your requirements no matter your location. Our technology is class-leading and, combined with our rapid development technology, ensures you get what you need quickly.

Just imagine the possibilities with Orana Software
Let guest research the area before they even arrive at your accommodation

Technology changes rapidly, and we know and expect this. What is modern today, can be outdated tomorrow.

We work tirelessly to ensure our software remains up to date and relevant.

Our focus is customer driven innovation, and this means we talk to our customers to find out what they need for their staff and their guests.


At Orana Software, we pride ourselves in being able to integrate solutions.

It is not always practical to move to a new software package, and we understand this.

So whether you use our software, or not, we will always work with you to ensure the best possible integrations occur.

Our speciality is seamless integration at all levels of hospitality

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