Orana Platform Feature Set

The Orana SaaS platform is a highly scalable and secure infrastructure platform that operates exclusively on the Microsoft Azure environment.

Key Platform Feature List

Our platform is a secure SaaS platform with critical features setting it apart from others. For security reasons, we cannot divulge too much in the public space.


Security Management

Running on the Microsoft Azure platform, our core solution is exceptionally secure.

Data Management

With automated data management running on Microsoft Azure, you can rest assured your data is in the best hands possible.

Data Sovereignty

We protect your data sovereignty by allowing you to choose the server you want to store your data.

Single Sign On

With a single sign-on, you get access to the main application and self-service, meaning you don’t have to remember different user names and passwords.

Data Separation

Choose to use our secure multi-tenanted data storage, or choose isolated database storage. Terms and conditions apply.


Secure Backend

Our secure backend environment means no security information gets shared with the browser. Orana Software gives you a highly secure, high-performance platform for all your business needs.

Orana Platform Technology Stack

At Orana, we firmly believe in security, reliability, and working with a standard representing our industry. We only use the Microsoft full development stack for our products. All our technology gets developed using .Net Core running on Microsoft Blazor technology. All our technology runs exclusively on the Microsoft Azure platform, and we make extensive use of the numerous advanced platform features this offers us.

Azure App Services

Azure App Services

Azure Sql Server

Azure SQL Services

Visual Studio .Net Core

Visual Studio .Net Core

Azure SaaS

Azure Software as a Service

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory

Azure Functions

Azure Functions

Azure Front Door

Azure Frontdoor

Azure Devops

Azure DevOps

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